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Татяна Добрева Холистичен Астролог

Dear Friends - I have the most wonderful news! One of my dreams has come true!

I am so proud to present you with our astro-fashion collection “Love & Friendship”

Having been a professional astrologer for many years now, and a Taurus woman who appreciates the finer things in life, my dream has always been to do something relating to day. Something that will be beautiful and give those who wear it - be it clothes or jewellery - as much joy as it will give me to create it. I have finally manifested this dream. Together with my wonderful friend designer Desislava Bachvarova I have created a small collection of clothes especially designed with the colours and vibrations for every star sign in mind. A collection with a look to the future and gratitude for life! Imagine what pleasure it will give you to be dressed in clothes created with love and inspiration according to your astrological profile!